Vision & Mission

 In today’s Industrial world, ‘Automation’ is being widely adopted by companies to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Productivity Enhancement.

  2. Better and Consistent Quality of Products.

  3. Eliminating human dependencies.

  4. Minimizing Product Cost.

  5. Reducing Inventory and Process Rejection.

  6. Optimizing Throughput.

  7. Reducing Manufacturing Lead time.

  8. Serving the Customers ‘In Time and In minimum price’.


To serve the consistent and growing demand of ‘Automation Engineers’ in industrial world, facilitating a ‘comprehensive Training course’ to today’s budding

 engineers and working professionals became necessary. VIATA, with this Endeavor started its work two Years back, Basically for-

  • Designing Automation Training Programme with simplicity.

  • Designing the course contents to understand all required Automation components thoroughly.

  • Focusing on both the ‘Classroom’ training as well as ‘Practical Project Work’ by the students, for understanding with ease.

  • Monitoring and Assessment by qualified and experience of Automation engineers working as Training Faculty.

  • Emphasis on learning and understanding the latest versions of PLC’s and SCADA.

  • Personal attention to every student.

  • Continual Assessment and Test Examinations to elevate student’s confidence to work Independently.